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SPECTRUM follows the Region of Waterloo's Public Health Guidelines for COVID-19. These can be found here.


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SPECTRUM is located in the historic Boehmer Box building at 283 Duke Street West, in Kitchener, Ontario Canada (corner of Duke Street West and Breithaupt Street).

The closest Grand River Transit stops are:

  • ION light rail Central Station
  • Bus Route #8: Stop 2539 - Victoria / Kitchener Rail Station
  • Bus Route #8: Stop 2541 - Victoria / Duke

SPECTRUM is wheelchair accessible. We are located in the Boehmer Box building at 283 Duke Street West, but on the Breithaupt Street side of the building you will find a large ramp leading to the second floor where we are located. Follow the signage to unit 210.

Our space is currently closed due to the pandemic. All programming is happening online.

Contact Info

Waterloo Region's Rainbow Community Space
283 Duke Street West, Unit 210
Kitchener, ON Canada N2H 3X7

Phone: 226 779-9695

Web: www.ourspectrum.com

SPECTRUM acknowledges the truth that we are situated on the Haldimand Tract, which is the traditional land of Haudenosaunee and Mississauga Anishinaabe nations. We also recognise the Chinonton Peoples of what has come to be known as the Neutral Nations, a people entirely eliminated by the colonisation of this land. 

The land on which we meet, live, love, and work is land that was originally shared with open arms by the Indigenous peoples who have always called this place home with the settlers of this region. We recognise that our presence here has disrupted thousands of years of culture and belonging. The very land upon which the SPECTRUM space exists is at the edge of a great wetland that served as a hunting ground and overwintering space, and is no more than a short distance from villages, feast and ceremony grounds, and settlements. 

We also recognise that the Indigenous Peoples of this land recognise Two Spirit as a sacred way of being, an individual who carries in them the medicines and teaching of many genders and sexualities. We recognise that this traditional regard for Two Spirit peoples has set them apart in their knowledge but also that they have been always regarded as important, respected, and fully accepted members of their communities. We recognise that the histories and teachings of Two Spirit peoples have always influenced and added to Indigenous ways of knowing. 

This territorial acknowledgement alone cannot accomplish justice and we are committed to working towards reconciliation and ensuring that our programs, services, and practices are culturally relevant and accessible to Indigenous peoples in our community.

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Are you a non-2SLGBTQ+ person looking to support someone who has come out to you as? Feel free to download these resources to get started!

Resources and Services that SPECTRUM provides to 2SLGBTQ+ People

Educational Resources and Training for non-2SLGBTQ+ People Looking to be better allies

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SPECTRUM offers a safe place where 2SLGBTQ+ individuals can be themselves and find community and supports.