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Gender-Neutral Washrooms

Many public washrooms are labelled by gender. Some gender-diverse folks can encounter hostility when they use the washroom of their choice. This is why SPECTRUM has conducted a survey to create a map of gender-neutral washrooms in Waterloo Region.

Locations in GREEN: buildings where you are not expected to spend money (I.E. government buildings/offices, recreational centres, libraries, shopping malls, large health centres and hospitals)

Locations in BROWN: a few businesses where you may be expected to spend money – such as cafés and restaurants.

Know of a washroom that we left out? You can help us by letting us know of additional washrooms that can be used by the public. To submit a washroom, send us the name & address of the facility, number and type of gender-neutral washrooms (e.g. 2 one-stall washrooms) and their location in the building (if it is a large building).

Online Resources

  • All-gender washrooms: tips for signage and implementation of all-gender washrooms
  • Creating Welcoming and Trans-Inclusive Environments

  • TransNAV GPS, an online tool to help trans people locate service providers and resources in Waterloo Region and beyond. 

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